Terry Border's Hilarious Bent Objects

Everyday objects take on surprising and often hilarious roles in Terry Border's hard-to-describe project. For years now, this unassuming photographer-sculptor-bargain-bin-shopper has worked with snack foods, office supplies, toys, and other items to create evocative and bizarre scenes. Making something great out of "throwaway" objects is a recurring Gel theme, and Terry's work is a perfect match. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Terry Border at Gel 2008 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

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Cute Organic Food Brands

We all know we should eat better. We're told to buy "organic", it's healthier, and on and on. I came across a post that tells you what organic food labels are owned by some of the country's largest food producers. Did you know Kellogg's owns Morning Star Farms / Natural Touch, Kashi, Gardenburger and Bear Naked? Check it out before you go to the grocery store.

Here's a great video from Marion Nestle, NYU professor and author of "Food Politics" - What you should eat, and what companies want you to eat, are not necessarily the same thing. She explains how we got to this point and what you can do to choose the healthiest food.

Marion Nestle at Gel 2009 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

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