Santa Claus Holiday Party Invitations and Ideas

Ho, Ho, Ho!  Santa Claus is a popular theme for holiday parties and Santa Claus party invitations will let your guests know your theme the moment they open your envelope.

Santa's Trail Party Invitations

It's fun to build a party theme around jolly old St. Nick. You can decorate with red and other favorite holiday colors such as green, white, silver, or gold in your tableware, centerpieces and other holiday decor such as a fireplace mantle.

Christmas Eve Santa Party Invitations

If children are invited to your party, a visit from Santa Claus can be great entertainment and a fun photo opportunity for families. 

Jolly St. Nick Face Party Invitations

A fun dessert idea is a milk and cookie bar.  Ask guests to bring a dozen of their favorite cookies and watch them disappear with ice cold milk for drinking and dunking.
Santa in Chimney Party Invitations

You can add touches to your party based on where you live or what you like. Go with a western Santa Claus theme or a tropical holiday theme and hand out leis and have a western or Hawaiian barbecue.
Western Santa and Reindeer Holiday Invitations

If you have a fun idea for a Santa Claus themed holiday party, please leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you.

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