Individual Seven-Layer Mexican Dip Cups

I love, love, love Seven Layer dip and having my own cup (or two or three) is a great idea. I can finish it all without hogging the space around a large pan of it everyone is trying to get to. These would be great for a Super Bowl party or Cinco de Mayo party too.

Colorful Macaroons Party Invitations

Gorgeous little macaroons in luscious flavors and incredible colors can be found everywhere and are an elegant choice to include in a dessert bar, to serve at a lunch, brunch or tea for a bridal shower or a baby shower. Our Macaroons Party Invitations will add flavor to any special occasion or event.

Champagne and Pink Stargazer Invitations

Champagne and Stargazers Invitations are a beautiful choice for New Year's Eve party  invitations, wedding shower invitations, engagement party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, birthday invitations and more.  Use your own wording and create the perfect invitation for your special occasion.

Paper Whites Bloom for the Holidays

Beautiful Paperwhites begin to grow as soon as they are planted and fragrant flowers appear in 3-4 weeks. Unlike other Narcissus species, Paperwhite bulbs do not require chilling to promote blooming. 

Paperwhites need only 3” of root room so shallow containers will work well like shown in the photo above. Pretty glass or ceramic bowls are ideal. For one-of-a-kind presentations, scout antique stores and estate sales for unusual containers. You can plant Paperwhites in soil, glass marbles, pebbles or even tumbled beach glass.  Because these flowers are usually discarded or transplanted after they have flowered, the planting medium doesn't need to supply any nutrients for the plant.
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