Summer Slumber Parties & Invitations

School's out and summer is the perfect time for slumber parties. Sleep overs are also a great way for kids to see each other and catch up on all the summer gossip. For help on planning a slumber party, check out "The Ultimate Tween Girl Slumber Party".

ETIQUETTE CHALLENGE #6: Shower invitation for baby Number 4...

You just received an invitation for a fertile-myrtle's fourth baby. You've attended showers 1, 2 and 3, but do you have to go to the 4th baby shower? Will you make up an excuse why you can't go?

If you decide to go, how much would you spend on a gift?

Answer the Etiquette Challenge, tell us what you'd do!

Sizzling Summer Party Invitations

Summer! With Memorial Day over, we can officially get into the full swing of summer. Barbeques, picnics, beach parties...what do you have planned?

Of course, for a great summer party, just break out the Barbecue. Send out this Barbeque Fixings Invitation to a few friends, throw on some hot dogs and hamburgers, and you have a great start to a summer get-together.

What are you serving this summer? We've got some ideas:

     Ranch Cheeseburgers
     Kentucky Country Ham Salad
     Easy Lime Bars
     Hearty Healthy Black Bean Dip

Do you have a favorite summer recipe? Send it to us, we'd love to include it!

ETIQUETTE CHALLENGE #5: You have this great new lipstick...

You have this great new passionate pink lipstick that is just perfect with your outfit, but while at a cocktail party, every sip you take is leaving a pink lip print on your wine glass.

Do you keep wiping off the rim of your glass?

Does a glass with a rim of lipstick prints bother you when it's yours? When it's some one else's?

Tell us what you think!

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