The Top 7 Tips to Help you Plan a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party can be very fun and enjoyable for all of the people who are involved. And, if you and your co-conspirators can keep up the charade until the party happens, then you can have one very surprised and happy guest of honor.

Even though the secret of your surprise party depends on all of the people who have been invited, there are some simple things which you can do to help ensure the best outcome possible. Here are seven tips to get you started to planning a surprise party which your friends and relatives will be talking about for years to come:
  1. Find out from your guest of honor, or even better from their significant other, what their schedule is like within the timeframe you are considering for the surprise party. Use this valuable information to set the date for your surprise party.

Hot Halloween Party Themes

What do you think will be the hottest Halloween party theme for 2009?

We've had tons of people tell us that Michael Jackson will be the best selling costume. If the sales of our "Goulish Fright" halloween party invitations are any indication, we think they might be right.
Ever since the release of "Thriller", people have been dressing up and learning the "Thriller" dance. There are some great renditions on Youtube.

Witches are always a favorite for kid's parties and adults Our artists have outdone themselves with some exclusive original designs you won't find elsewhere.

These beautifully illustrated designs will make your guests scream "I'm definitely going to this party!"

Check out our other posts to have a Spooktacular Halloween Party!
Happy Haunting!

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What do you include on a Party Invitation?

Use this checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything when creating your party invitations:
  • The purpose of the invitation: A birthday party, a wedding, a holiday open house.
  • Name of honoree (the birthday person, the mother-to-be, the bride and groom)
  • Day and Date of the Party - Saturday, August 29th or if it is formal, Saturday, the twenty-ninth of August. Look at your calendar to make sure the as in this example, the 29th of August is really on a Saturday. If a formal event, include the year and spell it out (two thousand and four)
    Time - 6:00 p.m., or for formal events, spell out the time such as six o'clock in the evening

  • Name of Place; example: Opah's Restaurant

  • Location of Place - street address, city and state if inviting out of town guests, but no zip code
  • Name of the host(s)/hostess(es) or parent(s) giving the party

  • Dress Code or appropriate attire if it is an issue with your party (do not use on formal invitations-the event should be the clue as to the appropriate attire).
Proof read several times for mistakes and/or forgotten information! Even have a friend read it to make sure it's perfect!

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Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget

How do you cut costs and still have a great Halloween party?

Halloween Party Invitations:
  • Your invitations set the tone for the party. Your Halloween invitations can be light-hearted, silly, or totally scary.
  • Your Halloween invitation tells your guests what kind of party you're having and what to expect:  a cocktail party, costumes-are-a-must party, children included or adults only late night shindig.
  • Your Halloween party invitations should give your guests a clue what food and/or drinks you're serving so they'll know to eat dinner first or come hungry.
  • Mail your Halloween invitations at least three weeks in advance if possible. To keep a handle on expenses, make sure you include an RSVP phone number and/or email address with a date to response by. Don't use "regrets only" if you need an accurate head count.
Halloween Party Food and Drinks:
  • A budget-friendly idea is to start the party after 8:00 p.m. Your guests will have time to eat dinner before they arrive. You can then serve nibble foods, drinks and bite size desserts instead of a full meal.
  • Share the expenses. Ask guests to bring their scariest or tastiest appetizer concoction to share. You can have your party "BYOB" - bring your own booze and you can provide soft drinks or serve beer and wine. How about Pumpkin Beer? Check out BevMo, Costco and other clubs for deals on food and alcohol and consider buying in advance to get better prices or to take advantage of pre-season sales.
  • Add dry ice to a punch bowl to create a steaming drink. It's worth creating a punch just for the effect! Make a fake ice hand to float in the punch too!
Halloween Decorating Ideas:
  • Cover your furniture with old white sheets for a haunted, abandoned house feel. Painter's drop cloths can work too.
  • Check out the dollar stores for spiders, cobwebs and other spooky decorations. Cobwebs look great arranged from lighting fixtures, mirrors, shelves and tables. Look to your own yard for dried leaves, flowers and twigs to use as centerpieces or to add to the abandoned house look.
  • Break out the candelabras. Check out the dollar stores or overstock stores for these and for orange or black candles. Make sure to keep them away from other decorations or guest's dangling costumes as they reach for food. Hurricane lamps with big candles can protect guests from flames too.
  • Make tombstones from cardboard boxes or foam core board. Spray paint them gray or black, add cute rhymes and even the names of party guests for a good laugh. Use a stake taped or glued to the back to create a front lawn graveyard.
  • Borrow Halloween decorations from friends. You'd might be surprised what they can come up with when asked.

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Creepy Halloween Food Ideas

Need some ideas for Gross Halloween Food?

  • Fake Blood - In a bowl, mix 1 cup Karo Syrup, 1 Tbsp. Water, 2 Tbsp Red Food Coloring, 1 tsp Yellow Food Coloring
  • Bones - use fresh carrots or well cleaned chicken bones
  • Brains - tofu, carve in the brain lines and round off the edges for the shape
  • Ears - dried apricots
  • Eyeballs - peeled grapes or oiled olives
  • Fingers - long chicken strips, hot dogs or cheese sticks
  • Hair - silk from corn on the cob)
  • Hand - fill a latex surgical glove with water (add a little orange food coloring for flesh tone), tie it off tightly with a twist tie. Lay flat or drape it over a bowl to give it some shape then freeze it until solid. Peel off the latex and use it as ice in a punch bowl (make sure flavor of ice compliments punch)
  • Intestines - wet, cold cooked spaghetti
  • Liver - half of a canned peach
  • Skin - oil a soft flour tortilla
  • Teeth - unpopped popcorn

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